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FourGuysGuns performed a bare gel test of Underwood's .32 ACP 50 grain Cavitator in Standard Pressure and +P and posted it on Youtube yesterday (Sept 22, 2016). The test also included Underwood's 85 grain Cavitator in .30 Carbine in an M1 Carbine, with very impressive results, but that won't be discussed in this post.

Test Protocol
- Bare 10% Gelatin provided by Doctor Kote
- Beretta Tomcat: 2.4" barrel
- CZ VZ61 SKorpion "clone": assumed 4.5" barrel, which is the original length
- Velocity was not measured.
- Wound channel was not measured, but was impressive and shown in good detail.

Penetration Results
Penetration results weren't explicitly stated. The following results are based on my measurements at 1/4 speed and include full depth travel of the bullet prior to any snapback in the gel.

....................... Underwood .32 ACP 50 gr Cavitator Penetration
........................... Standard Pressure .... +P
Beretta Tomcat ............... 14" ............... 14.7"
CZ VZ61 ........................ 16" ............... 19"
Underwood Spec ............. 14" ............... 14.75"
(from (2.7" P32)

Was not discussed

These bare gel penetration results are very close to Underwood's specs and also that independently obtained by Jeremy S. in last month's Youtube video, which was discussed in this thread

The gel depth penetration of the Underwood Cavitator ammo from the Beretta Tomcat is comparable to FMJ's and 4" - 8" deeper than fully expanded JHP's from 2.4" - 2.7" pistols. Width of wound track is larger than fully expanded JHP's and much, much larger than FMJ's.

It is a very significant improvement in .32 ACP self defense ammo. Very encouraging.

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I guess their trying to break the frame so they can replace with a good KelTec . Hot 32's will break frame even some of the new improved frames have broke. They over priced and not worth it . And our little so called cheaply made P-32's just keep humming along.

Before you think I don't like Beretta I have 2 950's 25 autos ,One American One new in box unfired Italy . A model 20 DA/SA 25 auto and a Model 21 in 22 LR .
I just think the 32 pushed the model to far. With their limit on FT lbs Hot loads are pretty much out of picture If you like your pistol.

I still want some real shooting results of that round not just tests . Till then I will stay with my Corbon

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I love the look of the Tomcat Inox. IMO, prettier than the P32, Seecamp, or NAA Guardian. If I were to buy a new .32 and didn't know too much about them, I'd be strongly attracted to it.

But I won't own one because of the frame cracking issue, which apparently continues to be a problem. It's also pretty thick and less than ideal for pocket carry.

Beretta warns against ammo with greater than 130 FPE in the Tomcat. Keltec used to spec the P32 up to 200 FPE, but I didn't see that on their website right now. Does anyone know if that's still the spec?

The Lehigh Cavitator will generate around 100 FPE in these short barrel guns. Underwood's standard pressure will be around 115. Both of these should then theoretically run ok in the Tomcat. Underwood's +P will be around 130, so maybe a problem. But like I said, I don't and won't own one.

Like Michael T., I'm not an indiscriminate Beretta basher. I also own two 950BS' and think they're great guns. And I'd really like to find a good condition Model 20. I had a Model 21 in .22 LR, but didn't like it too much and sold it.

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Keltec used to spec the P32 up to 200 FPE, but I didn't see that on their website right now. Does anyone know if that's still the spec?
I have never seen anything that specific from kel-tec. The manual for their pistols used to say words to the effect... oK for occasional use of +P ammunition.

Regarding the Tomcat, it also weighs in at 14 oz, about double the p32.

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any problems with rimlock and XC ammo? XC is .940 OAL, FMJ measures in .976. Have have good results with factory 6 rd mags, some problems with factory 9 rd mag. What results have others had with XC?

Speaking of rimlock: Is the best way to prevent rimlock use ball ammo and seat the cartridges as far back (rearward) in the magazine as possible? This is what I've gathered and want to confirm it. Thanks.
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