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There is a new movie that focuses on the 2nd Amendment as a Civil Right of all US Citizens that is becoming available on June 20th, 2013. Titled "Assaulted - Civil Rights Under Fire." Various dates for showings will be scheduled through various locations, with an ability to schedule your own showing (see below).

I try to make it a point to support things like this, if for nothing more than to help get the word out to the low information people in our population that only look at things if there is enough others that go there first.

An article on the upcoming movie: (outlines the scope and people involved in making the movie)

Movie's website and trailer:

There also is a means for helping schedule the film's showing, if your area doesn't have a showing scheduled through Tugg ( ). I haven't used Tugg before and don't know much about it, but will likely try to use it this time.
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