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I have the ruger lcpII 22lr, ruger lcrx 3inch revolver, kel tec cp33 and the kel tec p17.
I havent had any issues with either of the rugers.
Once I put the mcarbo mag upgrade the cp33 has been running like a champ.

Sending the p17 because of buldge cases with federal.

I would have no issue carrying either of the rugers. The cp33 would be my preferred because of volume of ammo but bulky to carry.
Once the p17 returns and proves to have issues resolved i would carry it as it is a happy medium between capacity and concealablity.

Still the lcpII is the most concealable and reliable next to the.lcrx.

Hmmmm maybe the ruger would win out. Easy to carry extra mag.

Still p17 probably wont need amag change

Shoulder holster and the cp33 would be my go to.

Dam too many choices!!!!!

Arggggggh my brain is strained. Lol!!!!
41 - 45 of 45 Posts