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A cpwbpu actopm shooting guy came by and wanted the crusty Winchester Mod 92 in.44 WCF that I had been dragging around for a few years. Best offer before was 4 bills from a rebuilder. This guy said he would give me some guns to pick from so he could spnd his $ on the rebuild.

I had to pick 2 from the Shield, Beretta & an RG .22 single action. NO BRAINER!!!!! He was glad I didn't pick the RG cause it was his favorite gun. He had no use for the autos. Whatever!!!!!!

The Shield had a standard flush fit mag and one extended. The "Tip barrel" .22 had 2 mags. No boes or papers for eitehr. Guy said they were both unfired. Well, I sure as hell fired them The Shield fed whatever crap ammo I put in it. It is just a bit fatter than my LC9s and fits in the same holster. The little .22 is much the same as one I had before. Same habits of only wanting to work with 6 rounds in the mag and one in the dpipe. Any more and ya get a ramp jam. It will hold up to 8 in the mag, but it will not work. Same as the other one. It was better about feeding all the ammo types I had including bulk pack Fed and Rem. as long as only 6 were in the mag. DA or SA on first round. SA or decock manually for the rest, manual safety, mag release in left grip area.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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