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1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot went

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Hi Folks,

Got a chance to take the new P-3at out to the range Saturday.  I put 100 rounds of winchester white box through it, and I'm still not 100% sure where one would go if I shot it again.  Sometimes I was right on, mostly I was shooting to the left, couldn't really figure out for sure if I was shooting high or low.

Shot 5 Corbons and they were much more accurate, thats what ill mostly have in the gun so I feel a bit better about that.  I did the fluff and buff, bought AG Laser absorbing pads and grip, boy is that a nice touch, my hand never hurt a bit.

I did have a sore trigger finger today though.  Can't wait to make it out again to see if I can't straighten the shots up a bit, pretty sure it was my technique with the gun, its just so small my grip was problably  different on almost every shot.  I did have one FTF but I know I limp wristed that shot.

Any tips on how to control this little gun would be greatly appreciated, for right now I just need a lot more practice.
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Re: 1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot w

Get some snap caps and practice trigger control, DAO triggers are a pain especially on such small and light weapons as the KT family. It's really easy to pull the gun off target when squeezing the trigger.

Once you have some snap caps you should be able to feel a transition in pull weight during trigger pull just before sear release. At this point there is very little travel left before the sear breaks and the hammer is released. If you can feel this then you should be able to "stage" the trigger and you might get tighter groups at the range.

The "staged" trigger pull is not recommended by me for anything other than building confidence about the repeatable accuracy of the weapon. I don't personally consider it good SD form.
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Re: 1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot w

Hello Hipp,

Sounds like a pretty good first time out to me; congrats.

Besides the same pads and grips that you have on your gun I added a Bersa finger extension to my gun. I think you'd find that added an extetion (finger or +1) will give you some additional control of the gun.

Take care ...
Re: 1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot w

First, what distance are you shootong. The normal distance is like 7 steps. if you are having trouble keeping them in a dinner plate, reduce the range till you can, then work your way back out.

Another range training tool and evaluation method is to let some one load the magazine and gun for you, with a snap cap first, then vary the live rounds. you will want to observe how you are pulling the pistol off target when you are surprised by the snapcap. even let them load only the snapcap
Re: 1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot w

Have no fear. It will come to you. It took me almost 400 rounds and a coupla stitches (not really) till i found the center of the target. Repeated trips indicate i still have it. Although those tips are true and accurate, just keep shootin. Nothin makes it happen like practice...... Well you knew that.
Re: 1st Range Report, hmm wonder where that shot w

It sounds like you might be anticipating the recoil, you will flinch and throw the shots. JFB has a good point and that will show you what is happening and what you may be doing wrong.
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