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12ga. motorcycle mount

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I saw a fellow with his Mossberg 12ga securely mounted to the side of his metric v-twin the other day angled forward & down with the butt up & rearward, I didn't get a long look at the whole mounting setup but, I'd like to fab a rig like that. If you've seen one or maybe have a good pic of a setup like that, could someone post me a pic that I could work from? I'd appreciate that, Thanks, R.Tillery
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Go to Google. Select images. Enter "motorcycle shotgun mount." There are lots of pics.
Was it a scabbard or a mount to hold it open and ready for use?
No scabbard, wide open & had what may have been a pin(maybe 5/16 round bar?) with rubber hose around it up the barrel for the mount to secure the lower end & what could have been a modified, keyed trigger lock or patio door tumbler of some kind. Wish I'da hade longer to study the rig, but it was secure & ridged, didn't bounce around or move at all when he took off & shifted. Pretty sure he's a local rider, but likely a fair weather rider only. I'll try to be quicker with my cell camera next time.
Here is the mount on my dual sport.

3" black plastic pipe, oak plug in the bottom and velcro retention. I have a waterproof cover to protect from the rain. Thousands of on and offroad miles and no issues.

For a cruiser, you will have to clean it up a lot, but for a dual sport, it's just fine...
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Very Nice, your right, I'd have to tidy it up a bit(a bit less extrusive) looks 'sound' enough though. That's almost exactly the same setup my Mossberg has.
Mount? Nahhhhh. Just shove it between the frame and exhaust like Arnold does. :D

Neat idea in a way, but without some kinda effective locking mechanism, it would just be a big huge "STEAL ME!" sign to lots of thieves. Even if they're not successful in stealing it, I wouldn't want someone to go messing with my bike (if I actually owned a motorcycle) in trying to remove an openly-displayed shotgun. Y'know, kinda like guys that have had their window(s) shattered in a pickup truck by some yoyo wanting to get at the rifles or shotguns hanging in a rack in the rear window.
I found one at Midway USA. Rambo bike gun and bow holder.
Very good, this's the 'type' of mount I'm lookin for, I'll just have to guess a bit on the latches.


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The upper latch or lock looks very similar to the police squad locks. They operate on 12 volt with a hidden release button

The upper latch or lock looks very similar to the police squad locks. They operate on 12 volt with a hidden release button

It's does look pretty similar to the ones we use. Most operate with a powered switch but also have a key lock. Some use a cuff key and others have a specific key like a pad lock would use. I wouldn't use the cuff key type on something like a motorcycle, too many people carry them.
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