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+1 Extension

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I noticed Kel-Tec evidently has the +1 extension in stock now. But after seeing one, I think I will go the other route. It may add a shell to the mag, but I don't like how it looked on a P3AT that I saw. I know looks ain't everything, but I like the look of the finger extension better. I have those on my P11 and like the way they feel.

Wife is feeling better so I get to go to the range tomorrow!!!!!!!

Happy Shooting to all.

Bo Bryant
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different strokes for different folks....i didn't like the feel of the now serves as back up...gpr
I like the looks of the finger extension better too. However, I now have the +1's on both of my mags. They seem to print a little less with the pocket holster I use and I get an extra round. I got rid of my two regular extensions a while back in the help Rebekah thread. I don't miss them.
Love the grip with +1 extension Think it looks ok, and I like the extra round, just in case. Got mine here:
I like my +1 also! It fits my ring finger perfectly. I also like having one more shot!

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