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  1. Accessories
    Edit 2: It’s back! First comment below. Edit: Apparently this DemolitionRanch video was removed from YouTube for “violating the terms of service”. I can attest that it did not. Yeah... Gotta love Q. I have their .22 Erector. It's a gem on my P17. Matt's a genuinely good guy too. Fun...
  2. P-17 Pistol
    I'm ecstatic! My stamp came through today and I was finally able to bring my Q Erector home. Damn is it sexy. I love the modular design and was amused to find Q's witty paperwork. For the time being, this will live with my P17 since this is my only .22 with a threaded barrel. The stock sights...
  3. CP33 22 LR Semi-auto Pistol
    I have been adding many attachments to my cp33, and would really like to top off this gun with a suppressor friendly holster. Ideally, I would like to have a drop leg holster that secures the pistol via trigger guard. Unfortunately, I have only been able to find one company that might support...
  4. PMR-30
    Is anyone running a suppressor on their PMR30 and if so what brand is it and how is the performance?????
  5. CMR-30
    Is anyone running a suppressor on their CMR30 and if so what brand is it and how is the performance?????
  6. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    So I'm waiting on my RDB to be delivered. In the mean time I'm ordering some upgrades. The lucky Irishman rhino, flared mag well, etc. I came across a dust cover on thingiverse. It's the plans for it to 3D printed. Here's the link. It is free to...
  7. Other Guns
    I bought two, one for me and one for the wife, and we took them to the range this past Sunday. WOW! THIS IS ONE FUN GUN TO SHOOT!!! As we all know it comes with a threaded barrel adapter so, naturally, I have to thread on my Gemtech Alpine suppressor! It doesn't get more fun than...
  8. RFB High Efficiency Rifle
    I purchased a used RFB carbine about 2 months ago and after a few times shooting it, I've realized not only is it missing the birdcage, but the barrel end isn't threaded. Anyone know what gives?
1-8 of 9 Results