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  1. SU-16
    I've got a working prototype 22lr conversion kit for my SU-16. It uses mostly Kel-tec parts, with a few additions/alterations. I'm considering approaching KT, Mcarbo and others to produce this commercially. Do you think there is much interest in a 22lr conversion for the SU-16? Who do you...
  2. SU-16
    I'm hoping one of you have a SU16 pistol grip and stock adapter for sale? I've looked everywhere and found a guy in Canada with several but the paperwork to ship is too much of a hassle for him. While I'm at it, do any of you have any other accessories such as forends, stocks, etc for sale?
  3. SU-16
    Hello all, I purchased a used SU-16 and the previous owner had bought and put on the Kel-Tec SU-16 sling that Kel-Tec sells, found here on their website: I'm left-handed so I'm trying to move the sling over to the other side. The rear sling...
  4. SU-16
    hi everyone i just got a new to me SU16 B the iron sights are ....Meeehhh OK I'm looking for some suggestions for a red dot optic my POU is as follows -truck Gun -Plinker -Forest gun -not planning on hunting anything with it -fun gun -inside of 100 yards (maybe well inside of 100) -beater gun...
  5. SU-16
    Well, Oleg posted the very nice image in the SU-16 Pictures thread, so we must be getting close. Anybody have a revised "gettin' close" target date for these to ship? I hope Kel-Tec is planning on making more than 100 of these, because I REALLY want one!
1-5 of 7 Results