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  1. SU-16
    Anybody know where I can get a pistol grip and stock for my SU16b every site is sold out or in back order ?
  2. SU-16
    My SU is dimpling the primers upon chambering. What causes this? Firing pin damage?
  3. SU-16
    I've been considering different mods for my SU-16A. So far, I have an improved take-down pin via Ebay and a decent scope. I plan on ordering the pistol grip kit and most likely the Zhukov hand guard. I wanted to know if anyone else has looked into clamp-on suppressor adapters as a reversible...
  4. SU-16
    Hey all, First post here, but I've read numerous posts in the SU 16 and SUB2k boards while I was debating buying one of the two. Finally pulled the trigger, so to speak, about two weeks ago, on a never fired but pre owned su16 (I believe it's a B)that happened to be sitting on the shelf at my...
  5. Other Guns
    Most of my friends are obsessed with the concept of a main "battle rifle." Granted, many of them are in law enforcement and are always quick to say, "the main purpose of your side arm is to give you the ability to get back to the car to get the rifle." I realize, as do they, that the majority...
1-5 of 6 Results