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  1. KSG Bullpup Shotgun
    Hey everybody, I’m curious what sort of collective guidance y’all have for slings (and attachment) that work well with the KSG. I am considering the LaRue Tactical Padded Sling and the Armageddon Single-Point Carbine & SMG Sling. Anyone using these and love/hate them? Other recommendations...
  2. SU-22
    I will add pictures later, but i have been looking online day and night and wasn't able to find anything as far as mounting sling onto SU22. I was able to purchase standard Uncle Mike QD Super Swivels. I used the 1 sling attachment to connect through hole on fore-end. And the other sling...
  3. SU-16
    Hello all, I purchased a used SU-16 and the previous owner had bought and put on the Kel-Tec SU-16 sling that Kel-Tec sells, found here on their website: I'm left-handed so I'm trying to move the sling over to the other side. The rear sling...
  4. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    I'm looking to add a sling point to the rhino rail on my RDB and without thinking about it I just purchased one, and it doesn't fit mount point in the grip. It is the correct diameter, but the the gap between the beads that lock it an place and the head of the swivel is too small (or the frame...
  5. RFB High Efficiency Rifle
    I’m looking for the Kel-Tec made front sling mount that bolts into the RFB’s front angled hole in the fore grip. Everywhere I’ve looked is either back ordered or it is not carried. Any suggestions?
1-5 of 5 Results