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  1. PMR-30
    Is anyone running a suppressor on their PMR30 and if so what brand is it and how is the performance?????
  2. PMR-30
    Trigger grip activated laser. Easy install. I sighted mine parallel to the barrel. Available in red (TR30) or green (TR30G) from their website or from Amazon.
  3. CMR-30
    Hello everyone. I was unsure on where to post this so if this is the wrong place, please just move it to where it belongs. Thanks!!!!! I wanted to see what everyone is doing nowadays to remedy the issue of loading the CMR/PMR 30 mags????? I read somewhere that you can spray lubricant inside the...
  4. CMR-30
    I recently made a custom foam cutout for my Keltecs. It was in Green and there is a post I made on how I went about doing this. After my wife shot my PMR30, she said I needed another one, she wanted mine. So, now with 2 PMR30s, a new case layout was needed. Here it is, containing the CMR...
  5. PMR-30
    Glad I found this forum, lots of experience and info to dig through. Just wish I had found it before I took some other advice... Had (still have) terrible ftf issues with my pmr30, so it was suggested that I grind down the lower third of the barrel and ramp so the bullets can more easily enter...
  6. PMR-30
    New owner, looking to stack some .22 Mag deep while ammo prices are low. What have you guys had luck with?
1-6 of 7 Results