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  1. CMR-30
    I am posting this again in hopes of finding what I helped others find 5 years ago. I have attached pics of a 24in Liberty Sports MFG soft rifle case. I had the owners phone number and helped other members get this case ordered but over the years I cannot get a hold of the owner anymore. If...
  2. CMR-30
    I found this case and made a post on here about it back in 2016. It’s a 24in Liberty Sports MFG case. I have the phone # for the guy selling them but he doesn’t answer anymore. I don’t know if they are still around. They are out of St. Louis. Has anyone gotten this style case recently from...
  3. PMR-30
    When I shoot my PMR-30 the last bullet in the magazine doesnt load. The second to last bullet fires and ejects but the last one just doesn’t go. How do I fix this? My PMR-30 is quite new I’ve fired around 110 bullets so far.
  4. 0920200422

    Pmr 30 mods. Laser - trigger - springs - feed ramp - mag release - and grip.
  5. PMR-30
    Good day folks! New here, and hoping to find some help. I have been attempting to find a threaded barrel for the PMR 30 for about a year and a half, and have yet to have any luck. When Kel-Tec was contacted for availability, their default response is they cannot comment on when SKUs will come...
  6. PMR-30
    Has anyone had luck with this combo? The RD3 appears to be under the 1.9 ounce limit.
  7. PMR-30
    Has anyone tried using Remington 22 thunderbolt ammo with their pmr-30? Is it even possible? It looks too small. Guy at academy recommended it.
  8. PMR-30
    I have read that there is a barrel replacement for the PMR-30 that helps fail to fire and fail to load issues. Is this true? If so I am going to upgrade the barrel. I also am looking for the barrel and the flash reducer but am not able to find them. Kel Tec is out of stock and just about...
  9. CMR-30
    Hello everyone. I was unsure on where to post this so if this is the wrong place, please just move it to where it belongs. Thanks!!!!! I wanted to see what everyone is doing nowadays to remedy the issue of loading the CMR/PMR 30 mags????? I read somewhere that you can spray lubricant inside the...
  10. PMR-30
    Can anyone with a pmr 30 please take a picture of their slide so I can compare. I think this "in my case" might be contributing to ftf issues. The other barrel I compared to the 45°angle (pink arrow) continued all the way to the and of the slide (blue) also I dont think that gouging and...
  11. PMR-30
    Glad I found this forum, lots of experience and info to dig through. Just wish I had found it before I took some other advice... Had (still have) terrible ftf issues with my pmr30, so it was suggested that I grind down the lower third of the barrel and ramp so the bullets can more easily enter...
  12. PMR-30
    Check out this contest to win a KEL-TEC CMR-30 & PMR-30 I think it is the perfect dynamic duo. contest hosted by dkarms. Hope you guys on this forum win!!
  13. PMR-30
    Any belt holsters recommended?
  14. PMR-30
    A couple of months ago I received my dads pmr 30. He bought it new august of 2016 and it was his preferred carry. Unfortunately I never got to talk about it or fire it with him before he passed. I took it to the range last week and fired 100 rounds of cci 40 grain maxi mag- ran into a few...
1-14 of 14 Results