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  1. PLR-22
    Does anyone know what the exact Cerakote color is on the barrel end of the receiver and on the foregrip of the PLR 22? Kel Tec won't say. They wont make the foregrip in the same color as my factory PLR-22, not even by special order (which I don't understand). But they will Cerakote it for an...
  2. PLR-22
    I am currently testing Aguila .22 Sniper Subsonic rounds in my PLR-22. These carry a huge 60 grain slow moving bullet that seems to be married to a .22 short casing. This enables them to be the same length and form factor as a standard .22lr round. These are advertised to go downrange at 900...
  3. PLR-22
    After seeing the above posted picture somewhere via google, it dawned on me how similar in holstering the PLR-22 is in idea and style (though not size) to the C-96 Mauser "broomhandle" pistol. I know that's probably a bit of an artistic stretch, but bear with the overall idea for a bit. I...
1-3 of 3 Results