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  1. PLR-16
    First off, thanks to all the past/present owners for all the knowledge left here on this forum. I purchased a laptop case to put my PLR-16 in to go to the range (didn't want to have to disassemble it to put in my large pistol bag which it just barely fit in broken down [before the NX5 was on...
  2. PLR-16
    Sorry folks. Nobody knows what happened to the large collection of great PLR-16 pictures and descriptions. It disappeared on 20JAN12, and it's apparently not coming back. All we can do at this point is start it back up again. If you posted here before and it's gone, please post again. The...
  3. PLR-16
    Kel-Tec has developed a 300 Blackout version of the SU-16. They'll be showing it at the 2012 SHOT Show and almost certainly selling it in 2012. It was an easy conversion, once they decided to do it. So, my question, as I posed in the above...
1-3 of 4 Results