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  1. PF-9
    My PF9 was returned multiple times in the past, but finally did run right after a frame replacement. Recently it started to have several failures to eject, and multiple light primer strikes (at least one per mag). I hadn't been on here for a long time, but logged back on and following...
  2. PF-9
    So I just got this used PF9 at an absolute steal the other day and I was super stoked. It’s OD green, and fits perfectly in my hand for the level of concealment I’m looking for. Anyways after having a lot of malfunctions of the same kind I came here. Read some old threads and did everything you...
  3. PF-9
    So my perfectly good PF9 Kholster underwent total butchery surgery while I attempted a combat cut....I screwed it up and now its very uncomfortable. I know that Kholster is no longer around BUT I wonder if anyone has a source of the leather type in that holster? OR better a holster IWB that is...
  4. Accessories
    Does anyone know of a good outlet to "find a good home" for left-handed holsters? Specifically PF9 holsters? Seems Left-Handed holster owners\buyers\sellers are almost an underground society...just curious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. PF-9
    I recently completed the process to obtain an LTC in Texas. I had decided to go with IWB carry, but had not given much thought as to what particular position I'd like to use. I was recently turned onto Sticky Holsters, so I got the MD-1, which fits my P11, PF9, and my Ruger EC9s. I liked the...
  6. PF-9
    My PF-9 belt clip (Kel-tec made) works okay, but i find the metal very flexible and it often gets bent out of shape. I've seen many other belt clips for other handguns (such as Techna Clip) that are far more rigid and stay in place much better. Does anyone know of any alternative belt clips for...
1-6 of 6 Results