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  1. P-3AT
    Hey y’all I recently got a p3AT amd from what I’ve been reading on here and online they’ve been discontinued for a bit now, but I was wondering if there’s any aftermarket triggers at all available the kt stock trigger is kind of atrocious. I’ve seen the Galloway procession sweet spot and the...
  2. P-3AT
    I just wanted to show what a quick 8$ wood burner from Harbor Freight can do to help give you a better grip on this super small, light gun :alien: I used a flat tip and just barely pressed in for an indentation; it goes slow to slightly slow fast, but afterwards the feel you get is a much more...
  3. P-3AT
    Anybody use their p3at stuff? recoil rod, springs, mag catch? any good in a p3at? They seem well regarded in the sub2k forums.
  4. P-3AT
    Been gone a while. Glad to be back. Had a pf9 stolen. And lost my p3at to some legal circumstances. P3at was one of the first with the northwood trigger. Just found a good deal on a p3at with the ct laser. Sad to see @pops409 stopped the p3at triggers. That was what made that little blaster...
  5. P-3AT
    I own a second generation p3at. So firing my p3at I felt I had to pull the trigger really far before it actually fired. This might be done because the gun doesn't include a safety but it's kind of annoying vs other guns I own. What controls this and is there a way to change the breaking point...
1-5 of 6 Results