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  1. P-32
    Hello. I'm on a quest to own an ultralight firearm with more stopping power than a .22LR or .22 Magnum. I have found that at just over 6 ounces, the Kel-Tec P32 is perfect. Unfortunately, as you may already know, California gun laws prohibit anyone from buying a new one. My only hope in owning...
  2. P-11 & P-40
    Just won an auction on eGunner for a P11. Just took a shot at it and won it for $107! I'd say thatsa steal. :) It's on the truck now heading to my ffl. I've owned a P32 for over 15 years but this the first KT i've purchased since then.
  3. P-32
    All, I made a mistake, was distracted, and knocked out the wrong pin when disassembling my P32 to replace the cheap plastic magazine retainer button and spring (parts 205 and 208). Now, as a result I am faced with replacing the hammer block and its befuddling spring (parts 272 and 273) which...
  4. P-32
    I just ordered a Nickel Boron P32 from Buds and have a few questions for the experienced owners. 1. Any left side belt clip (that attaches to the frame) owners here? I'm considering using one for small of the back carry, thinking this would be an easier right handed draw since the fingers can...
1-4 of 4 Results