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  1. P-17 Pistol
    I'm ecstatic! My stamp came through today and I was finally able to bring my Q Erector home. Damn is it sexy. I love the modular design and was amused to find Q's witty paperwork. For the time being, this will live with my P17 since this is my only .22 with a threaded barrel. The stock sights...
  2. P-17 Pistol
    Why the P17 is my CCW 90% of the time over my P365XL, MC2c, Hellcat, or XDM Elite 10mm.
  3. P-17 Pistol
    Hammer block to protect the firing pin when dry firing the KelTec P17.
  4. P-17 Pistol
    Thanks for allowing me to join! I picked up a new P17 yesterday at a not-so-local-gun-shop. I was surprised to see it, so I snatched it up for less than $300. I noticed the safety was very stiff going into Safe, but figured it would break in with use. I also noticed the extractor was very gritty...
  5. P-17 Pistol
    Just picked it yesterday and was anxious to take it for a test run. The first 4 or 5 rounds out of all 3 mags failed to feed properly. I could pull the slide back and release, and it would chamber. Or I could punch the slide forward with the heel of my hand and it would chamber. There were also...
1-5 of 5 Results