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  1. P-17 Pistol
    I put up another shooting video with my P17. Fun shooting it last Saturday!
  2. P-17 Pistol
    So Im an idiot and decided to take it apart to clean (3000 rounds through it, kinda needed it). ingot the screws out, and now trying to reassemble using the exploded view, but need more of a “step by step.” Any help on this ?
  3. P-17 Pistol
    I'm ecstatic! My stamp came through today and I was finally able to bring my Q Erector home. Damn is it sexy. I love the modular design and was amused to find Q's witty paperwork. For the time being, this will live with my P17 since this is my only .22 with a threaded barrel. The stock sights...
  4. P-17 Pistol
    Why the P17 is my CCW 90% of the time over my P365XL, MC2c, Hellcat, or XDM Elite 10mm.
  5. P-17 Pistol
    Hammer block to protect the firing pin when dry firing the KelTec P17.
  6. P-17 Pistol
    Thanks for allowing me to join! I picked up a new P17 yesterday at a not-so-local-gun-shop. I was surprised to see it, so I snatched it up for less than $300. I noticed the safety was very stiff going into Safe, but figured it would break in with use. I also noticed the extractor was very gritty...
  7. P-17 Pistol
    Just picked it yesterday and was anxious to take it for a test run. The first 4 or 5 rounds out of all 3 mags failed to feed properly. I could pull the slide back and release, and it would chamber. Or I could punch the slide forward with the heel of my hand and it would chamber. There were also...
1-7 of 7 Results