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  1. P-11 & P-40
    Ok I am new to the forum and this is the first Kel-Tec I've owned so I have a couple of questions. I have a p40 (which I'm sure everyone is aware, you can find very few accessories for). Is it true that the p11 9mm higher capacity mags will hold and feed the .40 cal? Secondly i was looking at...
  2. P-11 & P-40
    I own the P11, P40 with P357 Sig barrel and just got to thinking about accessories for these now that both the P40/357 and P11 are "no more". I seem to have really bad luck with most of my firearms with after market magazines but magazines for these are getting pricier and pricier - and now...
  3. P-11 & P-40
    I just picked up a P11 for $160 in great condition. My dad has one I've shot before, but he used a magazine meant for a different pistol, I believe a S&W. Anyone know of what to look for?
  4. P-11 & P-40
    Note that he did none of our famed diy improvements. That said; this is just more evidence that the P11 is a great carry pistol. I love this guy's reviews. No BS, just open the box, lube the gun and shoot a steel match. The guns either chocke or run.
  5. P-11 & P-40
    Just won an auction on eGunner for a P11. Just took a shot at it and won it for $107! I'd say thatsa steal. :) It's on the truck now heading to my ffl. I've owned a P32 for over 15 years but this the first KT i've purchased since then.
  6. PF-9
    I recently completed the process to obtain an LTC in Texas. I had decided to go with IWB carry, but had not given much thought as to what particular position I'd like to use. I was recently turned onto Sticky Holsters, so I got the MD-1, which fits my P11, PF9, and my Ruger EC9s. I liked the...
1-6 of 6 Results