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  1. P-11 & P-40
    I just picked up a P11 for $160 in great condition. My dad has one I've shot before, but he used a magazine meant for a different pistol, I believe a S&W. Anyone know of what to look for?
  2. P-11 & P-40
    Note that he did none of our famed diy improvements. That said; this is just more evidence that the P11 is a great carry pistol. I love this guy's reviews. No BS, just open the box, lube the gun and shoot a steel match. The guns either chocke or run.
  3. P-11 & P-40
    Just won an auction on eGunner for a P11. Just took a shot at it and won it for $107! I'd say thatsa steal. :) It's on the truck now heading to my ffl. I've owned a P32 for over 15 years but this the first KT i've purchased since then.
  4. PF-9
    I recently completed the process to obtain an LTC in Texas. I had decided to go with IWB carry, but had not given much thought as to what particular position I'd like to use. I was recently turned onto Sticky Holsters, so I got the MD-1, which fits my P11, PF9, and my Ruger EC9s. I liked the...