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  1. KS7 Bullpup Shotgun
    I review the Missouri Tactical Recoil Pad for the KelTec KSG and KS7 shotguns. This H&K 416 style recoil pad replaces the flat factory pad on both shotguns. You pretty much pry off your old one and push in this one and you're good to go (though the instructions suggest unscrewing the retaining...
  2. Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles
    Missouri Tactical just came out with a new Sub2000 recoil pad that is better than MCarbo's because you don't have to drill into the stock. Adding a zip-tie is not necessary, it feels rock-solid without it, but sure go ahead if you must. If you have a Sub2K, check out the free ship coupon code in...
1-2 of 3 Results