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  1. KSG Bullpup Shotgun
    So i know in some states it has to have a plug to limit the amount of rounds in it. What kind of mag plug does it come with and do i have to buy a plug to limit it to, uh lets say 3 rounds?
  2. KS7 Bullpup Shotgun
    Kel Tec KSG Owners, I recently purchased a bulk quantity of Estate 12 gauge ammo from the Sportsman's Guide. Picture and Q&A section led me to believe ammo was high brass. The shipment arrived today and the shells are low brass. The sticker on the KSG owner's manual states it is not...
  3. KSG Bullpup Shotgun
    Recently purchased a stunning KSG for $966 after tax. Tore it completely down, cleaned the barrel and all internals. I have used Red N Tacky grease instead of standard oil for a couple years. It tends to stay where I put it and has amazing heat resistance. I added an AFG2 and a Sitemark red...
1-3 of 3 Results