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  1. RFB High Efficiency Rifle
    HI, I'm a 3D artist & Gun enthusiast. I am currently working on creating a 3D model of rfb, to attain dimensional accuracy I am looking for someone with a rfb that can provide measurements of the firearm. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. CMR-30
    I searched high & low fir a hard case that would fit the CMR30. There just didn't seem to be anything available that fit it (23" with stock retracted). Finally found this at Global Industries. It is NOT a super heavy duty flight case but works well for storage & transporting the gun. Its...
  3. CP33 22 LR Semi-auto Pistol
    Okay i’m pretty knew to the cp33 or any gun for that matter and i was looking to purchase a green laser & light combo but i’m trying to figure out if i need a specific one that fits the cp33 or are they normally universal? - I know this should probably be common knowledge to most
  4. CP33 22 LR Semi-auto Pistol
    Just got my brace and finally connected it and also put on my talon grips pretty excited to take this one to the range. No hate on my site please I just got it as a tester
  5. Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles
    Hi friends! I am considering purchasing the RedLion Precision fore-end. my question is; is that fore-end compatible with the MCARBO taller rear right? thanks in advance!
  6. Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles
    Sub2000 G2 Newbie. Looking forward to learning from the group.
  7. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    I know there isnt any official grip plugs out there so I went ahead and made one. I have the link up on Thingiverse if any of you all have access to a 3d printer. The instructions are on its page as well if you need them. It uses the flexibility of the plastic to stay snug but it can still be...
  8. RFB High Efficiency Rifle
    Hey, new RFB owner here (who isn't really mechanically inclined), After (incorrectly?) reassembling my RFB carbine, it will not load live rounds, whether I pull the charging handle or press the bolt release. The charging handle will only go forward about an inch or so before stopping. If the...
  9. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    I’ve been wondering if KT actively participates on this site. I seem to recall in a post that they do but I haven’t seen anything definitive to suggest this is actually the case. Can anybody clarify this for me? I think many of us would like to see the RDB problems sorted out. I hear “less than...
  10. Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles
    Hello everybody, new to the forums here. As all of you guys know by now, this whole assault weapons thing is getting ridiculous. Ive been doing a lot of reading and research and i have a couple questions and would like some input. First let me give you some background on myself. I am a cop in...
  11. Fluff & Buff / TecWerks
    I shot my sub 2k for the firt time last night. maybe 70 rounds or so. but i noticed the brass was scratched on the side halfway through. I tested it again today without shooting, and fresh ones loaded up then extracted, came out a bit scratched up HORIZONTALLY. not sure whats causing that? I...
1-11 of 12 Results