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  1. SU-16
    Hello all, I just purchased a B model a few days ago. I'm trying to disassemble it and I'm getting stuck very early on. I'm rotating the gas tube so that the tab faces upwards and that's all fine. Now I'm at the part where I should pull the operating handle back but it's still very tight. The...
  2. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    I’ve been wondering if KT actively participates on this site. I seem to recall in a post that they do but I haven’t seen anything definitive to suggest this is actually the case. Can anybody clarify this for me? I think many of us would like to see the RDB problems sorted out. I hear “less than...
  3. Other Guns
    Afternoon all, I've owned and shot my Gen-2 S2000 for the past year and she's like a best friend to me. I can shoot her at 5 yards and group an orange sized set of holes. I can shoot it at 25 yards and do the same. I can grab it without aiming and get within 1-2 inches of the target at 5-8...
1-3 of 3 Results