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  1. PF-9
    My PF9 was returned multiple times in the past, but finally did run right after a frame replacement. Recently it started to have several failures to eject, and multiple light primer strikes (at least one per mag). I hadn't been on here for a long time, but logged back on and following...
  2. Other Guns
    Last two outings at the range with my G42 I had FTEs (1 each visit) with one of my mags. I shot approx. 120 rounds split evenly between two mags. Each mag is the original Glock mag with a 2 round extension. One extension is by Taran Tactical and the other is by Vickers. It's the Vickers mag...
  3. PF-9
    So I've run into the Pf9 FTE issue. What's everyone dying to fix this problem? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  4. PMR-30
    A couple of months ago I received my dads pmr 30. He bought it new august of 2016 and it was his preferred carry. Unfortunately I never got to talk about it or fire it with him before he passed. I took it to the range last week and fired 100 rounds of cci 40 grain maxi mag- ran into a few...
1-4 of 4 Results