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  1. CP33 22 LR Semi-auto Pistol
    I found some amazing 3D printed accessories on Etsy! CHECK EM OUT, THEY ARE AMAZING. (List of some items) Thumbstops Ironsights Magazine Holders Magazine Baseplates Magazine Extensions with Hollow Storage ALL TYPES of Rails Charging Handles/Rings
  2. Trading Post
    Got the shorter Survival foregrip for my RDB as I prefer everything ending neatly at the gas block, but if you wanted the long-and-skinny foregrip that has a forward sling swivel point I'm happy to mail it out, $50 to anywhere in the lower 48, S+H included. If you're further afield still happy...
  3. Articles
    Hello all! I'm in need for some advice. I recently noticed that my KSG foregrip will SLAM back when I pull the trigger. I am shooting Federal Target Load (so nothing special). I understand that the foregrip should unlock when I pull the trigger but I feel as though the recoil from the shell...