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  1. PLR-22
    I recently found out the my front sight post was a little bent to the left. I had read 2 other posts on this. And was preparing to call them to get a shipping label to mail it to them to be repaired. Something I did not want to do with all the craziness going on. Technical support listened to me...
  2. CP33 22 LR Semi-auto Pistol
    Towards the end of our practice session last weekend, the CP33 stopped running well. I figured it was just gooey, and needed a cleaning, so bagged it and shot other guns until it was time to go. On cleaning it, I noted that the business end of the firing pin was now horizontal... hmmm...
  3. RDB Bullpup Rifle
    The firing pin on my RDB broke last Sunday after approximately 700 rounds from new. I contacted Kelt-Tec customer service on Sunday evening via their web page and answered all the questions. It's Tuesday evening now and I've not yet had a reply. I'm not sure what experience you guys may have had...
  4. CMR-30
    FedEx knocked on my door a few minutes ago... my CMR has returned :D The accompanying paperwork notes: X Replaced internal parts X Chamber serviced X Test fired *Updated bolt block, bolt catch and bolt pin. The action does feel smoother. I'll try and get back to the range soon.
1-4 of 4 Results