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  1. CMR-30
    Is anyone running a suppressor on their CMR30 and if so what brand is it and how is the performance?????
  2. CMR-30
    I am posting this again in hopes of finding what I helped others find 5 years ago. I have attached pics of a 24in Liberty Sports MFG soft rifle case. I had the owners phone number and helped other members get this case ordered but over the years I cannot get a hold of the owner anymore. If...
  3. CMR-30
    I found this case and made a post on here about it back in 2016. It’s a 24in Liberty Sports MFG case. I have the phone # for the guy selling them but he doesn’t answer anymore. I don’t know if they are still around. They are out of St. Louis. Has anyone gotten this style case recently from...
  4. CMR-30
    So I recently performed a trigger swap on my "wife's" CMR-30 and chose the victory trigger from Tandemkross. I'm not sure why I did this considering I think the factory trigger at ~3.12 lbs is something Kel-tec got right with this gun. Guess I was bored and needed something challenging to do...
  5. 0928200612

    Pin broke in 3
  6. CMR-30
    I recently got my CMR30 and I love it. However, about a dozen mags in, the bolt stopped locking back on empty. I thought maybe it was just super gunked up, so I stripped and cleaned it. Still wouldn't lock. Then my daughter found a tiny piece of metal where I had cleaned my rifle. The...
  7. CMR-30
    I’m new to the Group and new to Kel-Tec after I became intrigued with the PMR-30 and made it my first Kel-Tec. This was after thinking I would never own one. Not long afterward I had to have the carbine to go with it. I haven’t shot the carbine yet but I have made a case for it. I wanted...
  8. CMR-30
    FedEx knocked on my door a few minutes ago... my CMR has returned :D The accompanying paperwork notes: X Replaced internal parts X Chamber serviced X Test fired *Updated bolt block, bolt catch and bolt pin. The action does feel smoother. I'll try and get back to the range soon.
1-8 of 8 Results