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  1. CMR-30
    I recently made a custom foam cutout for my Keltecs. It was in Green and there is a post I made on how I went about doing this. After my wife shot my PMR30, she said I needed another one, she wanted mine. So, now with 2 PMR30s, a new case layout was needed. Here it is, containing the CMR...
  2. SU-16
    I think it would be cool on the SU. That little upturned quotation mark charging handle. Do any of you guys make stuff using 3d printers or casting resin?
  3. PLR-16
    First off, thanks to all the past/present owners for all the knowledge left here on this forum. I purchased a laptop case to put my PLR-16 in to go to the range (didn't want to have to disassemble it to put in my large pistol bag which it just barely fit in broken down [before the NX5 was on...