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  1. KSG Bullpup Shotgun
    I'm on a mission to really mitigate the infamous kick that the KSG is known for. I've heard the rumors of some people actually slipping a recoil pad over a Kel-Tec extended butt pad. I'm curious if there's anyone here who is actually running this set up? How much has this combination actually...
  2. SU-16
    I recently picked up the SU-651E Pistol grip & AR stock adapter kit, looking for a butt pad to add comfort while shooting as well as adding LOP (if it applies the same as it does with shotguns)??? I got an AR butt pad from a friend to use but it was too big, didn't fit securely on the butt... Do...
  3. Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles
    Has anyone found a metal locking latch for the Gen 2? I feel like the plastic one is gonna break off at some point. Also wanting to know if any butt pads were made for Gen 2 yet?
1-3 of 3 Results