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  1. Accessories
    I've posted bits about this crazy reloading idea as semi-relevant mini-hijacks in other threads, but I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for the few people who might be interested in my latest geeky reloading project, and possibly to motivate me to do more work on the project. I envisioned...
  2. Fluff & Buff / TecWerks
    I shot my 50 Beowulf a couple of days ago. I had only put five rounds through it a few months ago. I wasn't happy with the trigger on either outing. I measured the pull force on the stock trigger on the Beowulf AR-15 this evening. 5.75 pounds. It was also very creepy and gritty, which I...
  3. Trading Post
    Hello all, SOLD I have for sale an SU-651E (SU-16E-651) AR stock adapter. This should fit either the SU-16 or SU-22. Basically brand new. Rifle was sold without pistol grip stock. $115 obo Shipping shouldn't be a problem.