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    1. Sworn 'Merican
    2. Andrew Lidman
      Andrew Lidman
      What type of slugs are recommended for the Kel tec ksg 12? Rifled or sabot?
    3. Leviathan58651
      Hi, I has made a purchase in the begining of April to have my account upgraded with no advertisements, as I would like to be a supporting member. Since the purchase, no changes were made, I also sent a help request via the "contact us" link, still no answer. Can you help me out, or should I initiate a refund? Thx
    4. CAPTsteve
      Hi, New member to the forum. How can I ask a question for general response? Just looking for members' suggestions on a forward grip for my RDB. Thanks
    5. Brad012
      Hello I'm new here and trying to find an answer to this question. I have a Kel Tec P- 3AT and it does not fire on the first round all the time every time. I pull the trigger after pulling the slide back and chamber a round. Nothing happens, I pull the trigger again and it fires and keeps firing with each trigger pull. Is this the normal operation for this pistol? Your help is really appreciated.
    6. Turmeric1
      how do I start a new thread here ?
    7. Lucky
      Please delete my account
    8. Steve Saunders
      Steve Saunders
      Good afternoon - apparently when I registered, I had a brain fart and used my real name as my "display name" on the site. I normally go by sr1sws in forums and the like. It's a bit disconcerting to have my real name showing in posts, as being online, etc. I looked but did not see any way to change it. Can it be changed? Any suggestions/recommendations? Many thanks! Steve
      1. Brodderick Freeney
        Brodderick Freeney
        Didnt realize i had made that same mistake til i saw your post. I too would like to know the fix
        Oct 23, 2018
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      2. Sean Garrett
        Sean Garrett
        Same issue here. When I signed up was expecting to see a seperate prompt later in the process asking to choose a username or option to make my name private & use a handle but no joy there, went straight to completed signup...
        Mar 10, 2020
      3. Sean Garrett
        Sean Garrett
        ...Hate to bother you TxCajun but looks like you're the top dog on staff so thought I'd try here as I got no reponses by using contact form. Would like to remedy this. Thanks in advance & regards, SG (fellow TX'n stranded in the mid-Pacific)
        Mar 10, 2020
    9. TripleGG
      Can my username be changed to TripleGGG instead of TripleGG? Missed a G when registering and like to be consistent across forums. Thanks, Greg
    10. iamscottasus
      I can't see how to edit the poll I created, "RDB Problem Poll". I need to make changes. Thanks.
    11. Sam
      Hello quick question! Would a good quality QD optic mount work on the Gen2's plastic top rail?
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    12. WildWes
      My avatar is set at 150x100, but still seems cropped on my forum posts. However, if you go to my forum profile, you can see the entire photo. How do I fix the forum avatar so it looks like my profile one.
    13. 224lps
      I tried to respond to your thread "Gotta Love My Sis".

      But got this response "Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator."
    14. snookking
      Can we sell ammo on the tp?
    15. lop
      Thanks Dale,
    16. Lopless
      Hi Dale,
      John Dunlop here. Still not in. Can you reset my password please? Thanks,
      John Dunlop
      Lop and Lopless
      [email protected]
    17. wizard?
      Is it possible to get my old screen name back. I would rather it show wizard92 than wizard? when I post. Thanks for your help. Tried all the suggested remedies, No luck.
    18. strpipe
      im a beginner. i recently fought a p11 and have had no trouble with it. one thing id like to know, is are all the slides this hard to pull back? i guess im used to revolvers. appreciate any advice. im frm north la. but "go saints" and love them 2 wheelers.
    19. Nalo808
      How's it going?

      I just recently bought a PLR-16, and now a few other buddies decided to go purchase them also. I watched a few videos on You Tube and found alot of interesting accessories like the "Folding Stocks", "Flash Hiders" and Suppressors? I found the last 2 but can't find a good folding stock. Any suggestions?

      Aloha from Las Vegas
    20. MatchGrade Jason
      MatchGrade Jason
      Anybody interested in a VERY GENTLY used RFB? If so email me at [email protected] and we can work out the details
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