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  1. 30isagoodstart
    I like it. I buy fiber optic sights when on sale at store or online. I look for shotgun fiber optics. They are the easiest in my book to install. Easy to trim and melt ends closed with heated...
  2. 0wen
    @dazed I love those AFGs; I have them on several guns. In this case, it gives me a more comfortable and controllable grip on that bulbous forend.
  3. dazed
    Wondering how you like that angled foregrip in the RDB? My hesitancy to get one comes from the handguard being so thick at the grasp, that the grip would give a disconnected feeling from the rifle.
  4. tex45acp
    Ive used several Sight Mark sights, just like the one pictured. They are inexpensive but are well built. I have one on my KSG and it has held up for several hundred rounds. Another good thing is...
  5. Mattleong32
    I said they don't have a saddle. They have a double

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