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  1. jimboksg
    I was Standing at my local Wal-Mart Gun cabinet waiting patiently for an attendant to come and unlock it for me. Another gentleman was waiting as well and we struck a conversation. We were commenting on how the Then President was using any issue that he could to demonize our second amendment. We went through plenty of examples of homicides that got little or no exposure due to there was not any firearm used in them. Then he stated " and we all remember what happened at this Wal-Mart recently". I said " Excuse me? What Happened here?" He went on to inform me how at the store not even a mile from my house had experienced a murder by a vagrant killing an old man after he refused to give him some money. The Suspect went in to Wal-Mart and grabbed a baseball bat and killed the man as he was shopping. The Shocking thing was it received little or no press and I had to look it up on the internet to learn of the incident in my own backyard. I learned of other close to home tragedies that an assailant used something other to a firearm to do there murderous deed. Our new president is often heard stating the " Fake News" and he couldn't be more correct. Is it just me or did that whole Boston Bombing incident end too soon. Once there was news a house hold appliance or cooking utensil could be a weapon of mass destruction it seemed to go hush hush. Had the suspects used a firearm or dare I say a assault weapon. It would littered our screens for weeks. Mr. Edward Bulwer-Lytton is correct in stating that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. So in that case I will add the Computer is a media assault weapon able to spew out deception at countless sentences a second . filling the ears of unknowledgeable people every ware. To all to whom are reading this I ask to venture in to reviewing a lot of your local In talked about news and try to get it out to more people. This way we can combat the media W.M.D's ( Weapons of Mass deception.) I thank all to whom took the time to read this. bat.jpg store bats.jpg

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  1. GearBolt
    Other facts to point out. "If it saves just one child's life its worth it" often is used to demoize guns. But yet they condone and seek more funding for the daily murder of unborn babies.
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  2. OlderMan
    Sad and True............. The MainStream Media is Pure Propaganda.. Gun ownership by Honest Citizens REDUCES CRIME AND MURDERS. IMO Only Criminals want US, honest citizens disarmed. This is Especially true for the Politicians who want Slaves instead of citizens
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  3. symtron
    Man I wish I could post this to social true
    1. EchoAlpha
      You can. Copy and paste!