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  1. 65-year old 'Granny Oakley' uses P32 to stop mugging

    A four-foot 11-inch, 105-pound grandmother in New Hampshire tapped in her Kel Tec late Monday night and whistled up some mugger repellant for a would-be repeat offender.

    The pistol packing senior, commonly called "Granny Oakley" found herself face to face with a young man, Michael Bontaites, 23, (with no fixed address), outside her apartment in Manchester around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 6. She believed the man followed her from a nearby gas station where she had stopped earlier in the night....
  2. DIY Duracoat Camo made easy

    Eric and the Moss Pawn crew, better known by their YouTube channel IV8888, have a neat and easy way to camo your gear and firearms using Duracoat that they outline in a simple tutorial.
    Before I get into Eric's tutorial video, let me weigh in on my own experience with Duraocat without trying to sound too much like an acolyte as I feel its relevant. Of course, you can always just skip down to the bottom and watch the video if you prefer, that won't hurt my feelings.

    With new and gee-whiz...
  3. How the new RM380 stacks up against KTs

    Remington introduced the new RM380, essentially a redesign of the high-end Rohrbaugh R9 in a slightly smaller caliber, as their intro into the micro-pistol field of single-stack pocket guns to compete against the Ruger LCP, S&W .380 Bodyguard and, of course, the gun that really started it all-- the Kel Tec P3AT. With that in mind, let us take a look at the new 380 on the market.

    What is the Rohrbaugh?

    In 2000, a well-respected firearms designer by the name of Karl Rohrbaugh in Deer Park,...
  4. Congress weighs assault weapon ban again

    And here goes the great gun grab of 2015 as a group of more than 120 Democrats in Congress made a move last week to double down on the failed 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban by bringing forth a new and even more sweeping challenge to the Second Amendment.
    U.S. Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., and other House Democratic advocates for comprehensive gun control are pushing a new and improved assault weapons ban.

    We give you:

    The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

    Introduced as H.R.4269 on Dec. 16...
  5. End of an era as last gun shop in Frisco shuts its doors

    Gun control advocates and left leaning politicians are celebrating as the only (legal) gun store in all of San Francisco has been forced out of business over a set of new regulations.

    What is High Bridge Arms?

    Born in 1911, F. Robert Chow, popularly just known as Bob Chow, was a Navy veteran who served prior to and during World War II, raising through the ranks to become a Chief. An accomplished competitive shooter who picked up at least 37 championships in his career, he qualified for a...
  6. Thoughts on 'breaking in' a new handgun

    Congrats! You just got a new handgun. I hope that you did your research and got something that you love based on sound and informed decisions. Now before you trust your life with it, you may want to think about breaking it in.
    What is a break in period?

    Breaking-in a new handgun is a simple range session (or series of sessions) where the firearm is put through its paces, confirming for you that it works without defects. This can be as little as 200 rounds or as many as 500 rounds of...
  7. Should You Take a CCW Class?

    You've seen them advertised in your area and others. Those "Get your pistol license certification here. Low cost!" Well, let us look at this phenomenon, and ask ourselves the big questions here from the angle of a Kel Tec owner who may be considering taking their pistol on the road.
  8. Missouri officer under investigation after his Kel Tec winds up loose on a playground

    A Webb City Police Department officer accidentally had his off duty carry pistol float out of his control and wind up in the sand at a community playground and a 6-year-old promptly found it and fired off a round through a nearby slide.

    In incident

    As reported by the Joplin Globe, earlier this month tragedy was averted when an unidentified officer's P-3AT somehow worked free of his concealed carry holster and fell, unnoticed, onto the playground that the off duty lawman and his family...
  9. Fighting hurt in a self-defense encounter

    Being able to manipulate your handgun with either hand can save your life in a tactical situation. Humans are all about comfort. We do what we like to do, and what we are comfortable with. If something isn't comfortable, or just doesn't feel right, we aren't really inclined to do it. This includes handgun shooting.
    (Be sure you can work your KT with either hand, rather than just practicing with both)

    We all have a favorite handgun, and a particular way we like to shoot. Myself, I prefer a...
  10. The New York Reload, Kel Tec style

    There are many, many ways to carry a readily available handgun for personal protection. There are just as many ways today to carry extra ammunition including speed strips and speed loaders for revolvers and spare magazines for your EDC semi-auto. However, this has not always been the case and that fact led to the rise of a tactic known as the New York Reload. This tried and true technique still has applicability today.
    Sure, you would be well served by either this Glock 26 or the KT P3AT,...
  11. Legacy corrections for fixing light strikes in Kel Tec handguns

    Here at the KTOG we searched the Kel Tec tribal knowledge archives and found a classic lesson in DIY gunsmithing to help fix light strikes on KT series pistols. What follows is a "re-write" of Glenn Higa's original treatise by Chandler Bates III:


    The P-11 firing mechanism is designed for safety. A heavy spring around the firing pin keeps it from contacting the primer. The gun can fire only when the trigger is pulled all the way to the rear. The trigger is connected to the hammer by...
  12. Idaho concealed carry holder has her P-32, just in case

    In a bizarre daytime incident that ended with the temporary closing of three businesses in a crowded strip mall, police K9 teams, and a taser deployment, a licensed concealed carry holder in Boise looking for a deal on a mobile device turned to her Kel Tec for support.
    (The hero of our story, photo via CBS-2 Boise)

    The town

    Nicknamed "The City of Trees," quiet Boise is the 99th largest city in the U.S. but the biggest metro area in Idaho. Known for its quality of life, it has a spacious...
  13. How the Kel Tec PLR-16 stacks up to the competition

    In the past few years, .223 (5.56mm) pistols have really taken off in popularity, largely due to BATFE rules on the use of stabilizing braces and the like. These interesting little range toys, to include KT's own PLR pistol, are now seen coast to coast. With that in mind, let us see how the Cocoa offering compares to the rest of the field.
    (The PLR compared with a AK style pistol in 7.62x39mm and a Tantal in 5.45mm. Comparable in size, the Kel Tec is lighter due to its polymer frame as well...
  14. Using the KSG Stock Strap as a One-Point Attachment Sling

    While shooting my new Kel-Tec KSG at my cousin's range, he remarked that I might want to purchase a single-point sling. First, he really didn't like the way the front attachment point of the stock strap was so close to the end of the barrel. My response was that I had just ordered the Hi-Tech "Crusher" Breacher, which would give me an additional inch of barrel length. But that wasn't the only issue he had with the dual attachment.

    He brought out one of his guns with a single-point sling...
  15. Drop free Kel Tec Mags pistol mags

    First: I want my empty mags to drop free, but I do not want my full mags to drop free. If I hit the mag release accidentally, I would rather the mag stay in the gun so I can "Tap" it back in place.

    Also, if I do a "Tactical Reload" (replace a partially full mag with a full one while retaining the partially full one) I would prefer to control the extraction of the mag with rounds in it rather than have it jump out from the gun in case I don't get control of it right away.
    As luck would have...