So you want to shoot a drone!

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So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - ktog1-407.jpg

In 2012, a radical "animal rights" group was using a drone to disrupt a traditional and legal Pennsylvania pigeon hunt, claiming that they were "monitoring" the event. Hunters shot it down.This was followed by continued events of drones interfering with hunts and intruding into privacy then being destroyed, damaged, or driven off by firearms owners. These events include those such as a Utah Duck Hunter who shot a DJI Inspire 2 drone that was interfering with his hunt in the final days of 2016 and a Bellevue, Washington woman in late April 2017 who pointed her gun at a drone which was spying on her, driving it off.There is a lot of sympathy for these responses to drones in the general firearms community. Many seem to take the position of, "man I bet that felt great! I wish I could shoot one!"Well, the good news is, you can! Not only that, Drone Shooting is now an actual competitive sport.Scottsdale, Arizona based company, Gnat Warfare has created a drone which they WANT you to shoot. The Drone is designed with foam core sheets for the body and wings, while the engine and control group are lightly armored with steel sheeting. This is sufficient to allow hits from birdshot shotgun shells at a range of 30 feet and on. The birdshot passes through the wings. The bottom of the Drones wings are studded with 12 "pyrotechnic" charges. In other words, if you hit the Drone in flight, you are rewarded with a flash & bang explosion. How satisfying is that!?! Intended as a team shooting sport, the Drone operator launches the Drone and directs it in passes by a team of 5 on the firing line. Each shooter takes two shots as the Drone passes by with five passes per team, after which the Drone, if it survives, is landed and shots are scored. Think of it as a way more awesome version of Skeet. Move over boring orange disks, make room for exploding Drones of fun!Gnat Warfare is offering a turn-key business. An investment of $23,000 will get you 14 ready to fly planes, the launcher, and enough "consumables" (presumably exploding-nuggets-of-joy and replacement wings) to get through 4-5 shoots.So, dude!, go out and shoot some drones (legally)!
So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - drone2-402.jpg

So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - drone3-403.jpg

So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - drone4-404.jpg

So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - drone5-405.jpg

So you want to shoot a drone! - Austin - drone6-406.jpg

*All photos from Gnat Warfare

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