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Versa Carry "Holster"

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I just may get one for my G27. I was looking at the clip you can put on the slide but with a Glock I would feel better with the trigger block the same company makes. The Versa carry looks like it offers pretty good protection for the trigger so a trigger block wouldn't be needed IMO. The price is good too.

Two is one and one is none.
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my versa carry for the P3at is going back very unsatisfactory for this gun.
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I think, like other serious carriers, I’ve tried to find the panacea of all holsters. The other IWB holsters I have in the drawer are very bulky and uncomfortable. So of late I began carrying with no holster, but IWB. It works great, until the piece hits the floor, for whatever reason. That kinda lets the cat out of the bag, and defeats the concealed carry principle, doncha think? Then, quite by accident I ran across the VersaCarry line at, and immediately snatched one up.

I got an extra small, 9mm "holster" for my LC9, hoping my P3AT would also work. End result?: The P3AT/380, with a 2.75" barrel disappears from an ergonomics standpoint. That is, it's so comfortable, I completely forget it's there. The 380 grip rides just at the top of the belt line. I carry it a 5 o'clock on my body, i.e. just behind my right hip, It's very easy to access and draw.

The Ruger LC9 (9mm) is somewhat more bulky, and at 3.12" has a 3/8" inch longer barrel than the 380. Consequently, it rides slightly higher above the belt line. It's definitely more noticeable, again, from an ergo standpoint, and it's going to take a few minutes to get used to the feeling. My desire is to carry the 9mm, so I need to work on accepting the "presence" factor.

Neither gun presented an uncomfortable situation while sitting in a chair, bending over, or driving the car. I also like how it places the handgun in a more reachable position in the car, as compared to a pocket holster, another of my pre-Versacarry favorites. All told, I’m very happy with the Versacarry holster. Once I get used to the feeling of the bulkier LC9, I may be encouraged to try one for the 40. I also look forward to the release of the revolver version. I think the LCR will ride nicely in one of these…

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Default Versacarry Followup

I've been carrying the LC9 all day, every day in the Versacarry "holster". I've gotten completely used to it and will never go back to conventional IWBs.

The trigger guard is very effective, and it's reversible, allowing me to carry on either side. It also allows for no Trigger Guard, if you're so inclined. (not recommended by the folks at VersaCarry)

Some have mentioned concern over the possibility of the gun coming off the stud. Won't happen. The inward angle of the stud, relative to the frame, coupled with the studs diameter makes it highly improbable. Nor will the holster assembly ride up above it's normal ride position. I use an 1.25", stiff leather belt that allows the VC belt clip to lock in place. It isn't coming off without your intervention.

I have made up my mind that I prefer "Deep Carry", as opposed to "Normal Carry" (see linked sizing charts if interested). This means I will be ordering the next larger size for the LC9 so it will ride lower. You can also see reference to the positions on the provided link.
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I also bought one for my P3AT and i love it! I havent had a problem with it so far and i have been using it for about one month. It is comfortable and the fact that it is inside the pants is of course a plus. I never tuck in my shirt so its great for me. I have been to the range twice and you do have to take the whole thing out to re-holster but it is very easy to do. THe weapon never rides up when you sit down or kneel or squat.
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