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Firing Pin

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Default Firing Pin

I was unloading my Kel-Tec P11 in order to get ready to practice with snap caps again.

The firing pin fell out, aparently broken. I'll get pictures up soon, but what can I do?

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Default Re: Firing Pin

If you know how to change it, call KelTec Customer Service and tell them you have a broken firing pin. They probably will put it in the mail that day.

I would clean the firing pin hole up and make sure the new pin moves smoothly and freely, then put a dab of blue loctite on the retaining screw and go shoot it.

Dan R

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Default Re: Firing Pin

Originally Posted by PshootR
Sounds like the end of the firing pin is broken off.
Order a new one from Kel-Tec.
1-800-515-9983 (Ask for "Parts Dept.&quot

Parts to order:

P-11 Firing pin (Part No. 170)
P-11 Firing pin spring (Part No. 172)
P-11 Firing pin screw (Part No. 174)

Wear safety glasses. Parts can fly out under strong spring pressure.

First, field strip the pistol.

Using a 3/32" Allen wrench, remove the firing pin screw while holding a cloth or rag securely over the back of the slide. When free of the firing pin screw the firing pin and spring will fly out the back of the slide with surprising force.

Clean the firing pin channel with a series of Q-tips, using a firearms solvent, automotive brake cleaner or even just rubbing alcohol if that's all you've got handy. Don't let the cotton tip get stuck in the channel.

Thoroughly clean the firing pin screw hole in the slide with a series of Q-tips. Thoroughly clean the threads of the firing pin screw also.

Install the new firing pin and either the new or old spring (your choice, the new one may be longer until it takes a "set&quot, and get ready to re-install the firing pin screw.

Place the firing pin spring in the firing pin channel of the slide.

Insert the new firing pin into the firing pin channel with the notch on the big end facing up.

Start the firing pin screw in it's hole and run it in until about half of it is still protruding above the slide.

Place blue Locktite or another medium strength thread locking compound on the exposed thread of the screw.

Never perform the following with the rear of the slide pointing towards your face.

Using a flat ended rod like a dowel press in on the end of the firing pin as far as you can* and while holding it in screw the firing pin screw down until it hits the flat on the firing pin and snug it down gently. The firing pin should now be locked in place and not able to move.

Slowly turn the firing pin screw counter-clockwise 1/4 turn. You should hear the firing pin snap back against the retaining screw. It should now move freely (against spring pressure, of course).

Another method of installing the firing pin is to place the firing pin spring and then the firing pin (notch facing up) in it's channel in the slide and then slip the slide back onto the frame.

When the back of the firing pin contacts the hammer the hammer will force the firing pin in.

Push the slide back until it is in it's normal position when in battery and hold it there by wrapping your weak hand around the slide and grip while using your strong hand to hold the Allen wrench used to tighten the screw.

* You might want to do this while holding the slide inside a zip-lock bag because if the rod slips you will be looking for the firing pin and spring who-knows-where.
Originally Posted by Two Pistol Packer
Deburring Firing pin channel with a 5/32" drill bit. By HAND! In and out motion with only a SLIGHT twisting movement. Stay away from the front hole end. DO NOT do anything to the OUTSIDE of the breech hole.

Firing Pin - P-11 & P-40

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Default Re: Firing Pin

While you have your P11 apart, you might consider doing my P11 firing pin retainer modification. It has been very successful for me and I dry fire all the time WITHOUT snapcaps. *:

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