65-year old
65-year old 'Granny Oakley' uses P32 to stop mugging
A four-foot 11-inch, 105-pound grandmother in New Hampshire tapped in her Kel Tec late Monday night and whistled up some mugger repellant for a would-be repeat offender. The pistol packing senior, commonly called "Gr ...
Kel Tec
Kel Tec's 9mm Kurz: the 3AT
In a world full of .380ACP pocket pistols, George Kellgren pulled a rabbit out of his hat when he came up with a design that beats most of them all day-- and it's been around for a decade. Why the P-3AT?In 1988, Kellgren ...
Tricks to Reassembling the P-32
Tricks to Reassembling the P-32
The Kel Tec P-32 is one of the best little pocket guns there is. Concealable, reliable, and compact, the gun has many attributes. However, to keep it clean and functioning, this handy little .32ACP has a few tricks to get ...
Nine Ounces of CCW Goodness the Kel Tec P32
Nine Ounces of CCW Goodness the Kel Tec P32
For the past 15 years, the tiny locked breech .32ACP pistol made from South Florida has proved itself time after time. While some would deride them as 'cute' or 'too small to carry' these neat but effective little guns ha ...