Two more reviews of pre-production RDBs surface

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Oleg Volk penned a review of the RDB over at All Outdoor while Ian McCollum, the wonk who runs Forgotten, did an extensive review of the new rifle for In Range TV.

Two more reviews of pre-production RDBs surface - Editor - two-more-reviews-of-pre-producton-rdbs-surface-393.jpg
(You know what's fixing to happen)


In late December, 2013 famed firearms photographer (and forum member) Oleg Volk posted a few pictures to his blog after a recent trip to Florida. You see Oleg is the shutterbug responsible for the majority of the images of the firearms seen around Kel Tec's website and press releases. The thing is, Oleg blurred out the rifle shown in a self-portrait taken at the time.

Which of course led to speculation on this new gun that appeared in a fully fleshed form at Kel Tec's 2014 SHOT Show booth.

Taking a page from their RFB full caliber bullpup rifles released last year, Kel Tec ushered in a scaled down variant in .223 Remington. Dubbed the RDB, it has fully ambi controls, and a 17.5-inch barrel with an OAL of 27.4-inches. A 7.62x39mm and 6.5mm Grendel versions were listed then as "coming" as was a wood-stocked cousin, the M43.

Mentioned clearly on the advert is the fact that these guns will be long-stroke piston rather than direct gas impingement so they will not, um, waste where the eat, so to speak. This could make for a reliable design.

Some of the first hands-on outside of Kel-Tecs devgroup was at the Bullpup 2014 Convention in Kentucky, where they were well liked.

Brought back in for SHOT 2015, a few have popped in circulation in recent months as the company started initial low-rate production (as discussed on our forum) this spring and, as noted on KT's website for the beast, ETA is 4th Quarter 2015-- which is now!

In addition, the MSRP has dropped a good bit (by about $500) from the $2K speculated price point when they were first debuted.

In the past few weeks, several reviews have been popping up including a pair by MAC and Hank Strange that we covered back in October.

Now we have two more to add to the list.

All Outdoor review

In Oleg's recent review (please go and read in full here, please) he found the RDB an excellent shooter with a decent trigger and low recoil. He also noted that it strips easily, is about as ambi as you can get, and has very good balance. On the flip side he has some very minor complaints, mostly on cosmetic issues.

"In sum, RDB is easy to shoot well, is fun to shoot, and seems to hold up to extended use. Kel-Tec shooting team has logged tens of thousands of rounds on every one of their guns," he said.

In Range

Karl and Ian over at In Range did an extensive 1,000 round test with the rifle. "We shot it in a match and shared it with a squad of shooters. We accuracy tested it. We disassembled it. We tortured it," reads the intro.

On the good side, they report no problems with reliability or magazines (and they tested several different styles), found that it stripped for cleaning with ease, and showed AK (not AR) like accuracy with five round groups.

Nevertheless, they did run into some serious issues when submergence in mud met with the RDBs ejection chute and mayhem occurred-- which tells you to try to avoid mud baths with your gun.

The full (52 minute) review is embedded below. Now if we can just get these into the stores all will be well.

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