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What is in the decision making process for most people in their EDC weapon? Reliability, accuracy, comfort, concealability, caliber, capacity, holster choice and availability? All of these things should be in your choice for an EDC weapon.

If you do not have a good thought process around these items then you are setting yourself up for failure.

My personal choice is a Glock 27 (Gen4) with a few modifications that I will describe what and why a little later, but I will detail out why I selected the G27 Gen4 as my EDC.

My personal Every Day Carry - Editor - glock-27-gen-4-recon-crop-400.jpg

1. Reliability I have personally put all of my Glocks through a grueling time of tests, from hot Texas summers to freezing winters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The only failure that I have had that wasn't easily cleared by a tap, rack, squeeze, was in my competition setup G19c. In which some fine silt had gotten into the firing pin channel and without the Marine spring cups installed it created a hydrolysis preventing the firing pin from creating sufficient striking power to the primer.

2. Accuracy This comes with practice, but with Glocks you do not have to get the barrel crowned to get good "defensive" accuracy, or for that matter a decent competition level of accuracy.

3. Comfort I carry at the 5 o'clock position with a custom kydex OWB holster... I know, most of you are probably cringing at the thought of getting in a car or truck with a hard plastic holster OWB and it sitting at the 5 o'clock position, but for me, it works well, I don't even feel it.

4. Concealability I have a large frame plus years of sitting at Ft. Homewood have taken its toll on my once 34" waist. So I have to be concerned with printing / showing when I am out and about. Now with the recent new laws in Texas, I really don't have to worry about it anymore, but I am not the Open Carry type of guy, I want the element of surprise on my side.

5. Caliber This could spark debate for years to come, however I like the knock down power of the .40cal round. I am a firm believer in shot placement over bullet mass, however, when you combine good shot placement with a larger round, you typically should not have to "empty the mag". Thus leaving yourself with rounds in the mag and still one in the chamber for follow up rounds on different targets if needed.

6. Capacity The standard G27 mags are 9 round mags which are fine, however I have chosen to install the Pearce Plus grips on my G27 mags to give me 11 rounds in the mag, and 1 in the chamber. I also carry a spare mag in a Galco UDC Mag holster, and I have a rapid response kit in my vehicle with more mags and other options for engagement if needed. The ONLY reason I would choose to reengage a threat is if my family or home was in danger still otherwise, I personally would wait for law enforcement to arrive, I do not want to be mistaken for a threat when police arrive. With that being said though, it would be based on the situation, if I knew that police were nowhere close and I could hear innocent people being hurt, I probably would reengage the threat after properly kitted up, but that is another story entirely.

7. Holster Choice and Availability Now this is a wide and varied subject. As I said, I have a custom Kydex OWB holster that I carry at 5 o'clock, but not everyone can afford them and they choose to use cheaper holster.

What I look for in a holster is as follows: Weapon retention, does it hold my firearm if I am running at full tilt but allow a smooth and easy draw if needed. Placement, does it fit where I want to put it? Does it fit between my belt loops, on the thickness and width of my belt (I use an SOE EDC with Velcro lining). If it is IWB is it going to rub my skin raw or cause addition sweat? Do I have a holster that fits the placement I have to carry in while in this outfit that fits my pistol? (For me the answer to that question is yes, I have no less than 5 holsters for every pistol I have being 100% serious).

All of these things are things to be considered and they all vary from person to person. Outfit to outfit. The reason for me the G27 is the all-around best choice, is no matter what I am wearing or where I want to holster it, I can conceal it well and draw it fast. It is accurate, reliable and comfortable.

The modifications done to my G27 from stock out of the box are as follows:

1. Trijicon medium height night sights
2. Polished feed ramps
3. Titanium firing pin
4. Titanium firing pin safety
5. Trigger job
6. 3.5lbs Trigger connector (Glock OEM)
7. Extended Slide Stop Lever
8. Pearce Plus Grip Extender
9. Maritime Spring Cups


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August 22, 2016  •  11:27 PM
Fine choice and reasons. GLOCKS are like Hondas. Not pretty, but work all the time & everybody drives one. After years of trying to lug a steel Hi-power, i've found religion in compacts & polymers with my PF-9. Still think leather is better than kydex.
October 24, 2016  •  05:24 PM
I also researched and found this as best selection in addition to revolver carry. Bonuses came this year: a) 22 round Glock mags, b) Viridian green laser (until Crimson Trace wakes up to smell the green coffee)
New Aug 2010, now feeding problems, even after Glock parts replacements: a) mags, b) recoil spring, c) polished ramp, slide "rails"/grooves, d) changed to stronger grip (to avoid being called limp wrist for first time ever), e) various Am. Eagle FMJ ammo 165-155gr
Still working on this .....
October 26, 2016  •  08:35 PM
I've had a G27 as my ONLY handgun since 2000.
Had to order it. It was before they had "Gen-anything".
Always shoots.
Have the Pierce +1 grips on the mags.
I keep it full of Federal 135gr. Hydra-Shok JHP's.
A lot of peace of mind in a small package wherever I go.
A good friend gave me a used Crimson Trace to put on it.
It's perfect now.
Have a 15-round mag with Xgrip for sharing plinking rounds.
March 3, 2017  •  02:00 AM
Can't believe how cheap they're getting, a new G29 10mm for $415 & a G20 10mm for $445.I love Underwood ammo also.