Corrections training group on why they are using the RDB (VIDEO)

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Inside the corrections community, there is a special response and operations subset and one company that roams the globe training such teams has gone to the Kel Tec RDB for a host of reasons.

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Who is C-SOG

Williamsburg, Virginia-based US C-SOG, a corrections special operations government contractor has in the past several years set up a number of special reaction teams in prisons across the country. Moreover, SOG loves Kel Tec Shotguns.

"The US C-SOG has implemented the Kel-Tec KSG in current training programs with great results," reads a 2012 release from the group. "In addition, the KSG has already been used in real world Corrections Special Operations mission situations with great success. Consequently, the KSG is quickly becoming the fastest adopted weapon in the US for corrections facilities."

The KSGs the SOG team is equipped with are stuffed with Lightfield Less Lethal Research Super Star rounds. These 12 gauge shells use a solid rubber "star" that looks like a kid's toy but hits like a ton of bricks. Designed for engagements from a distance from 2-15 yards, they are low recoiling which means you can rip out a few quick to help tame multiple aggressors. However, the company contends the design of the star round reduces likelihood for injury over legacy rubber bullet or beanbag rounds.

RDBs too

Through the use of the KSG, C-SOG has moved into switching out their AR-platform rifles, which use a 16-inch barrels but have an overall length of about three feet even with a M4 stock collapsed all the way, to an RDB which has a slightly longer barrel but cuts almost a foot off the gun's length.

Citing a benefit of being able to manipulate the weapon left or right from inside a vehicle-- such as in a prisoner transport-- due to the gun's 26.1-inch overall length, the gun fits their use needs better.

"It made a lot of sense for us to go to the Kel Tec bullpup system."

Also note that KT last week confirmed on their Facebook page they are working on a 6.5 Grendel version of the RDB, saying, "It is true! Hopefully we can introduce that variant to the market next year. There are some other tricks up our sleeve as well. The 6.5 had been mentioned when the RDB was first talked about at SHOT in 2014.

Now all Kel Tec has to do is get these out and into the shops for the rest of us!

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